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High quality HDPE Pipe Solutions

Need high quality piping system supplies and services for your next project?

HDPE Pipe And Fitting Supplier In South Africa

A full-service HDPE solutions company

Decon Projects supplies HDPE pipe solutions, fabricated HDPE fittings, pipeline installations and maintenance. We distinctly combine the quality finished products that you would expect from a larger manufacturer and the excellent customer service, flexibility and value that a smaller company can provide.

HDPE Pipe Installation and Maintenance

Excellent service for any pipe installation and maintenance task.

Decon Projects is established to provide the complete HDPE Solution. The Decon Team is trained to improve your construction, engineering, mining and plumbing projects. Learn more about the services we offer.

HDPE, PVC, PP and mild steel piping

Rainwater harvesting

Civil works relating to pipe systems

Plumbing and pump stations

Fire reticulation and hydrants

House connections

High Quality HDPE, PVC and Fitting Products

We supply and install high quality products to both large and small projects.

We specialise in a wide range of HDPE products, including HDPE pipes, HDPE fittings, couplers and manholes. We supply and install our products to small and large construction projects in South Africa and in the North of Africa. Learn more about the products we offer.




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Dolomite area – Why HDPE Pipe is recommended?

Mpumalanga, Limpopo, North west, Northern Cape and approximately 25% of Gauteng is underlain by Dolomite. Conventional methods i.e concrete pipes and manholes, PVC Pipes, Manholes and steel is not recommended for these areas due to their rigidity and might cause leaks when soil movement occurs. HDPE Pipes, Fittings and Manholes are the recommended materials to

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Hy Line Hatchery

Description Supply and install all Pipework Fire Lines Boiler feed pipes Chiller ring feed line Drainage pipes Storage water pipeline Municipal feed pipeline We received an interesting enquiry for pipelines where all pipes were specified to be steel, wrapped with a corrosive coating and thermal insulator. After some discussions and calculations, we suggested Polypropylene pipes

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Need high quality piping system supplies and services for your next project?

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